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3 Best Cloud Hosting Service Providers to Consider

How to find the best cloud hosting companies in the business? Here are the 3 best options to consider!

Web hosting is the foundation of the internet. Every website you visit is hosted on a web server.

One of the best hosting options available is cloud hosting. Cloud hosting uses resources from different sources and creates a virtual server. For example, if you are currently using a shared hosting plan, if the hosting goes down, your website automatically goes down as well. But, if a cloud server goes down, the servers in the network will immediately pick up and you won’t notice a thing. This approach has an excellent balance between power and affordability.


Make the domain name easy to type

Creating a complicated web name can make customers mistype it and land on other websites. However, if it is easy to type, they will land on your site with ease. To ensure that the web name is easy to type, you need to spell it once for customers to understand and more importantly do not forget to check domain name availability to make sure that your web name is unique.

Use keywords

Using keywords can help your business get easy recognition. The keywords should clearly describe your business, the products, and services your offer.

2. BlueHost: This is another great web hosting service provider you may consider. The uptime is almost perfect 99.98% and SSL is included in all plans. The cloud hosting plan is excellent. The company stores your data across 3 devices. If something happens in one device, the other two devices are here to help until the issue is resolved. The tech team is great and always working to get the most out of the resources. The cloud hosting is one of the best and fastest on the market. Like any good and reliable cloud hosting company, BlueHost allows you to upgrade your plan as your business grows. They give a free domain plan with every hosting plan which saves you from $10-$15. The starting price for a web hosting plan is $6.95/month.


The best thing about Shopify is that you have everything under one roof. You can register a domain name, create your own website, and a secure cloud hosting included. If you are interested in establishing an online presence for the first time, Shopify is definitely your best option!

 All three hosting providers are great, so there is no risk to making a wrong decision. Shopify offers 14-day free trial. Give it a try!