Buying Domain Names: A Basic Guide

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Literally any person, business or organization can register a domain name. What’s even better is that this process is not very complicated. In order to ensure that you’ve taken the right steps for buying the best domain names, you have to create a good plan.

For starters, you should pick the words (and/or letters and other characters) that you will include in your domain name. For example, if you are an artist, it’s very likely that you will try to register a domain name which has your full name. If you are planning a website for your business, you should include your business name and maybe some words that are related to your industry. A domain name with relevant keywords is always a good idea because it will improve your search engine ranking right away. Most of the traffic comes from organic search which means that this would be a great advantage.

Once you select a proper name, it’s time to look for a good website that offers domain names. Take some time and analyze your options. Check the prices and the renewal conditions. Look for companies that offer automatic renewal for the same or similar price. Keep in mind that if you don’t renew your domain name, it will become available to other users. Most of the domain name sellers have special search tools which allow potential buyers to check the availability of the domain name they have selected. During this step, you should also consider the domain extensions that you would like to use. Generally speaking, .com works well for every website, but there are situations when you may consider using .biz, .info, .org, .net or other extensions.

What’s very important is to avoid using domain names which are probably copyrighted. For instance, you’ve found an available domain name that looks like something like this – This is illegal and you may get into trouble for registering a domain name like that.

When you choose the domain name and you have confirmed that it’s available, all you need is to type in the information from your credit card and you are good to go. Keep in mind that you will be asked for your phone and address and that this information will become available to the general public. But, for a small fee, you can hide this information and protect yourself from spammers.