A Few Solutions for Unavailable Domain Names

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Imagine a situation like this – you’ve finally decided to use a certain domain name, but the registrar informs you that this domain name is already taken. This is a very frustrating scenario which usually leads to another search for a domain name. However, before you start looking for a different name, you should probably try a few other things that may resolve your problem and get you the domain name that you have wanted from the beginning.

First and foremost, you can always get in touch with the webmaster. You can use the domain WHOIS tool to find information about the owner and contact them. If they have hidden their information, you can look for an email on their website. In any case, you should contact them and ask them whether they would like to sell the domain name. The problem with this option is that many domain name owners will like to get a lot of money for their domain names especially if they know that you really want that domain name. So, it would be better if you have some negotiating skills.

If you didn’t have luck with this approach, you should start considering the alternatives. In other words, you should look for modifications of the domain name you want. Unleash your creativity and come up with some interesting alternatives. For example, you can make the name shorter or you can add a word or two. In addition, you can always use another domain extension like .info, .net, .org or .biz for example. Just make sure that you are not registering a copyrighted brand name.

The third solution you have in your hands is to try a completely different domain name. For example, if you want to register a domain name like JackAnderson.com and it’s taken, you will probably try Jack_Andreson.com or JackAndreson.org, but even if this doesn’t work there’s still a good solution. Namely, you should focus on the purpose of your website. Are you selling car parts? Maybe you should try with CarPartsRUS.com or discountcarparts.biz. Another thing that you should remember is that you can purchase a few domain names. In this case, you can buy Jack_Anderson.com and discountcarparts.com and redirect traffic from the first site to your second site. In other words, you can have a website on only one domain name and redirect traffic from a few other domains.

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